Results & Accomplishments


2017 Indiana Chamber of Commerce's Community of the Year

The City of Goshen was the recipient of this prestigious reward. Reasons why we received it:

  • Work with diversity
  • Community that works together
  • Quality of life
  • Economic resiliency
NAACP – Stand for Freedom Award

Award given to Jeremy by the Elkhart County NAACP.

Environmental Leadership

Gold Leaf Award
Solar Smart Community
2018 Green Project of the Year

This award was given to the city of Goshen for its leadership of solar initiatives and for its creation of the solar field near the waste water treatment plant.

Creation of the Environmental Council
Youth Environmental Resolution

Mayor Stutsman worked with students from the Goshen High School Youth Caucus to create and present this youth lead resolution.

Investing in the community

Year of Goodness Initiative

In March 2017 Mayor Stutsman kicked off this initiative to help bring the Goshen community together. Click to learn more.

City Council Youth Advisor – Youth Caucus

In 2016 Mayor Stutsman appointed Goshen’s first high school senior to the City Council to help advise the council and connect with the youth in our community.

Latino Advisory Committee

Mayor Stutsman created this committee in 2016 to help stay closer connected to over 30% of Goshen’s population.

Mayor's Arts Council
Traffic Projects

Since Mayor Stutsman took office in 2015 two overpasses have been added, two large bike paths, and dozens of pavement projects have been completed. It can be painful during construction but this investment is essential to the vitality of our community.

Flood Response

The Mayor and his team worked hard to manage Goshen’s largest natural disaster in its history. At the Mayor’s request a flood relief fund was created to help those who lost power, heat, and other damages due to this disaster.

LaCasa Help-A-House

Mayor Stutsman has been participating in LaCasa’s Help-A-House for over 14 years and as a crew leader for 10 of those years.

Kerry's Kids Inclusive Playground at Hay Park

This was one of Mayor Stutsman’s first initiatives that he pushed for when he took office. This will allow kids of special needs access to the park and allow grandparents with mobility issues the opportunity to enjoy the park with their grand kids. It is for all ages and all abilities. Hay Park is on schedule to be completed in early September 2019.

“My love of this community, as well as my interest in serving others, grows and deepens with each passing year.”


Jeremy has proven he is a leader who is not only well-liked but very well-respected. As a pragmatic leader first and foremost concerned with what is best for our city, many individuals have stepped forward to sing Jeremy’s praises.

Allan Kauffman

Former Mayor of Goshen

I’m more than happy to add my name to a long list of people who support Jeremy Stutsman for re-election. His first term as mayor has demonstrated the ability to engage a diverse community as he established advisory commissions for Latino affairs, youth involvement, and strengthening the arts in Goshen.

Sue Branson

Goshen Community Member

It is a matter of great privilege that I endorse Mayor Jeremy Stutsman in his re-election for Mayor. I have personally witnessed Mayor Stutsman’s dedication, compassion, and leadership through the eyes of my late husband, Wade Branson, during his last few years as the Goshen Police Chief.

Everett Thomas

Goshen City Councilman (Retired)

Jeremy Stutsman and I sat beside each other for the last eight years that I was on the Goshen City Council. Not long into his first term as a council member, I recognized the heart of a public servant and considered him a great successor to some of us baby boomers moving into retirement.

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