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During my years in elective office in Goshen, I have had the privilege of working with three different City Councils. I have valued serving alongside each of the elected officials, even when we have been in disagreement. We have accomplished much together, and when we have disagreed, we have done it respectfully and have always come back together to tackle the next topic. This is what allows us to keep representing all residents of Goshen.

It has been an honor to serve alongside other elected officials and I have appreciated our willingness to not follow the norms of politics. We have chosen to work together for the betterment of Goshen. I am committed to continue to work in this fashion, making our community a wonderful place to play, work and live.



Jeremy Stutsman
Mayor, City of Goshen

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Born into a family that has lived in Goshen for several generations, Jeremy is truly a hometown success story.

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Jeremy remains committed to responsible city management and helping create excellent quality of place.

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